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For use of the primary domain @ (Lab webpage) and

We make use of Google Analytics to track visitor statistics, this includes the use of cookies. See How Google uses data when you use our partner's sites or apps (e.g., this site). Additionally, this site is hosted as a GitHub Page and presumably GitHub maintains associated server logs.

On the page BS with an AI about what clinic you should take we make use of the OpenAI API to power part of our bot. Consequently, any queries made through the bot may be read by OpenAI or its assignees to help improve the API. Additionally, we keep a record of queries to improve the bot's performance. So it's also possible that a query may be read by members of the LIT Lab.

For use of the subdomain @ (Spot API)

Pages served from the Spot API do not use Google Analytics to track visitor statistics. We do, however, use cookies for user authentication, and in accordance with the API documentation, we keep records of API calls and interactions within the sub-domain to improve the service. Additionally, the spot sub-domain is covered by it's own Terms of Service.

For use of the subdomain @ (Docassemble server)

We have a separate terms of use and data privacy policy.